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Local, Fresh, Raw, Organic, Fair Trade Kombucha! Mother Kombucha specializes in small batch living tea naturally rich with probiotics, beneficial amino acids, and antioxidants. Proudly brewed in the heart of St. Petersburg, serving Tampa Bay and beyond!
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We make small batch, living kombucha tea from organic and fair trade ingredients.


We brew small batch living kombucha hand crafted from fair trade organic teas, tisanes and natural flavors. Rich with probiotics, beneficial amino acids and antioxidants – our kombuchas make a delicious alternative to sugary sodas and juices. And because we believe that things that are good for you should also taste great – we create flavors that enhance and build upon the natural acidity and tartness of kombucha rather than trying to hide it. The result is crisp, effervescent and invigorating. Available throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Embrace the Ferment!