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Mothership Monthly – July 23

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Summertime…beach, sun, fun and record temps. We hope you’re enjoying some summertime festivities and staying hydrated. We’ve got some fun things happening at the Mothership that should peak your interest. Lets get into it!

Brewmaster Spotlight, Michael Hogan

MK: What is your Mother Kombucha origin story?
Michael H: I was the first full time employee to come on board in 2014. Back then I was wearing many different hats from brewer to delivery person to market team. It has been a wild and exciting ride being a part of the kombucha community and seeing more people awaken to the delicious benefits of kombucha. It makes me feel good knowing I am creating something that makes others feel good.
MK: Tell us a little about your background.
Michael H: I moved back to Florida from Chicago where I was involved in the art community and a burgeoning vegan food scene. As cook and baker at The Chicago Diner I learned new techniques and ways to be innovative with various plant based foods. Once back in Florida I shifted gears and worked alongside adults with intellectual disabilities out in the community at various volunteer jobs, such as the SPCA, along with assisting in the design of an art studio where I taught art skills for the clients to learn to freely express themselves. It was a really rewarding experience.
MK: What inspired the Serene flavor profile?
Michael H: Serene was born out of a conversation with our co-founder, Tonya, and a real desire to create a Guava flavor that was close to her Cuban roots. The idea of an elevated P.O.G. inspired flavor came about after several experiments. I feel the addition of the earthy Reishi is a great balance to this tropical fruit forward flavor.
MK: Why did you choose to add Reishi mushrooms and L-theanine?
Michael H: Reishi and the other powerhouse mushrooms have been something I have been experimenting with and wanting to get into a recipe for some time and it just seemed to pair really well with our new Alchemy flavor, Serene. The immune boosting Reishi is also known to enhance our microbiome which is something we are passionate about here at the Mothership. L-Theanine was added in to enhance the relaxed feeling we all desire. My favorite place to sip a Serene is near the water. Just to take some time to breathe and feel gratitude.
MK: What is your favorite Mother Kombucha flavor?
Michael H: I am currently crushing on the Serene, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the O.G Blue Rose.

We’re sipping on, Blue Hawaiian

A riff on the classic cocktail traditionally made with Blue Curacao and coconut rum. Ours features Serene Kombucha and Blue Spirulina for a tasty, healthier zero proof option.

2 oz Serene Tropical Guava Kombucha
2 oz Pineapple Juice
1 1/2 oz Coconut Milk
1/2 oz Lemon Juice
1 barspoon Spirulina

Add all ingredients over ice in shaker
Shake, Shake, Shake
Pour in glass and top with Serene
Garnish with pineapple leaves and a lemon wheel


Hello Again, Costco!

And just like that, we’re back! 6 packs of Hopped Passion Fruit have landed back on shelves at Costco for a limited time. Our team has been busy sampling in the stores. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you and sharing your experiences. Keep sharing your photos and tagging us on social! We want to hear from you.

ICYMI, Costco carries 6 packs (our ONLY multipack available in stores anywhere) of Hopped Passion Fruit. Hopped Passion Fruit is bright and aromatic. If you’re passionate about hops this is the concoction for you! This hop forward brew is balanced with a tropical passionfruit finish. With the added tartness and benefits of Amla (also known as Indian Gooseberry) known as a vitamin C powerhouse.


Psychedelic Summer Playlist

Bad Kombucha | Arc De Soleil

Maria También | Khruangbin

On The Pisces Moon  | Yaya Bey

Kimosabé | DOPE LEMON

Mitote | Cochemea

Pingpxng | Yin Yin

Rasberry Jam | Allah-Las

Unathi | El Michels Affair, Piya Malik

Waile | Witch

Road Song | Ikebe Shakedown

Nervous Tics | Maribou State, Holly Waller